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Conferences & Workshops


Each workshop is adjusted to minister to your group and target the appropriate age of children.  Some workshop titles are listed below, but can be adjusted according to need.


Bible Bops and Action Songs or Music to the Max!

Great action songs as powerful teaching tools plus memorization of scripture made quick and easy with Bible Bops!  Guarantees ideas and songs to use right away with students!  Also included will be organizational tips, discipline ideas, and motivational phrases to get children to do their best while singing.  Warning!  Be prepared to sing, move, and have fun!


Click here for complete list of Bible Bops available.

Christmas Program Boost!

Original Christmas songs and programs for all ages (Preschool - 8th+) that are easy to learn and scripture based.  Many ideas for props and visuals to add energy and enthusiasm.  Peek at "The Kingdom", "Rescued By Truth", and "Focus on Jesus."



Bible Bops to the Rescue!!

Bible Bops help memorize scripture and include the reference in the song!  Great for all ages and settings.  What better thing can we teach and learn than scripture!  Let's put God's Word on the tip of our tongue, hidden in our heart, and the focus of our mind.  We'll be boppin'!!